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24 April 2013

Update from today’s meeting

For Immediate Release

24th April 2013

Following an apology, received today from Steve Williams, Chairman of the Police Federation of England and Wales (PFEW), the Constables' Central Committee is pleased to announce that we will both encourage Police Constables to engage with the process of the review as well as putting forward a detailed submission on behalf of our rank to ensure that the views of Constables are represented.

Importantly, we have also decided to reverse our decision to withhold funding to the PFEW Joint Fund.

Today, the Constables' Central Committee brought together Police Constables from all regions throughout England and Wales to address the widely reported Police Federation crisis ahead of the annual conference in May. The Police Federation Joint Central Committee comprises the three ranks of Constable, Sergeant and Inspector but is funded in the main part by the Police Constables, who constitute over 80% of the organisation.

The Constables' Central Committee had suspended payments to the Joint Fund because of the unilateral announcement by new Federation Chairman, Steve Williams, of a Police Federation Review which we are advised is in direct contravention of the rules and regulations which govern our organisation.


Constables’ Central Committee Chairman Will Riches said:

“It is deeply regrettable that, at a time when the whole police family should be united, we were forced into taking such action. Policing has been subjected to horrendous cuts affecting the service we are able to provide to the public and police officers' pay and pensions. Now, more than ever, we need all ranks to be properly represented on the big decisions about all our futures.

“Mr Williams’ actions, and his delay in apologising or committing to an inclusive and transparent future within the framework of our regulations, directly led to this crisis. Together with our Constable colleagues who met today, it was decided that, for the good of all our members, we should do our best to find a way to resolve our differences.”

Today's emergency meeting was organised by the Constables' Chairman to address the frustration and dissatisfaction with the on-going crisis and all representatives present were asked to give their views on the appropriate course of action.


Mr Riches continued:

“I am pleased that Mr Williams has finally recognised that he should and could have dealt with things differently.
We have received an apology and a promise for future compliance with Police Federation rules. The Constables maintain that there will be no decisions about us, without us, as the largest constituent part of the Federation we will ensure that our members' views are heard.

“An organisation on the scale of the Police Federation means you will never please all of the people all of the time. However, we are committed to listening to all of our members, and I look forward to hearing their views at Police Federation Conference in Bournemouth next month.”


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